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Swan Costume


-White Shirt
-Duct Tape (White, Orange, and Black)
-Plain white visor
-Chenille stems
- 2 Wiggle eyes
- Stencils mangelsens-swan-feet-pattern


Assembling Hat
1. Cover bill of visor with orange tape (make sure to cover both sides of visor).
2. Cut out three tear drop shapes using black tape to create a nose for the duck face. Stick two pieces on sides of visor and one in the middle for the tip of the nose (use picture of costume for a reference).
3. Overlap two 9” pieces of black tape. Take face template and two strips of tape to create ducks face as the picture suggests. Lastly, add squiggly eyes on top of each side of face.

Assembling Body
1. Take your t-shirt and cut the sleeves open along the underarm seam; spread flat.
2. Overlap 9 pieces of 10’’ white tape (make overlapped tape double sided so no one side has stickiness exposed). You will need to make 7 more pieces for a total of 8 (each side needs four layers).  Should measure approx. 10”x14”.
3. After you have your 8 sheets of white duct tape take your feather template to trace and cut out your wings.
4. Layer feathers and tape down to top of t-shirt.

Assembling Feet
1. Overlap 5 pieces of 10” black tape (make overlapped tape double sided so no one side has stickiness exposed). – NOTE: Before overlapping tape, fold chenille stems in half and place on sticky side to form webbed feet.
2. Use foot template to cut out foot shape and repeat for both feet.
3. Punch two holes at the top of foot shape and tie to shoes.