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Sweet & Simple Giftbag


- 5.5"x8" Paper Bag
- Tissue Paper - Color Of Your Choice
- Ribbon - Color Of Your Choice
- 2.5" Natural Jute Ribbon
- Paper Brad
- Fabric Tac and or Glue Dots
- Cardstock Scrapbooking Embellishment
- Scissors
- Ruler


1. Begin by cutting the jute ribbon to measure 5.5". You will need two pieces of ribbon.
2. Next using Fabric Tac, adhere the ribbon to the top and bottom front side of the bag. Allow to dry.
3. To make the tissue paper flower, you'll need to cut out 20 circles. The largest circle measures 4" and the smallest circle measures 2". The other circles should be varied in size between the smallest and largest circles.
4. Once the circles are cut, crinkle the paper to add texture.
5. Sandwich the layers together and secure with a brad through the center. Adhere the flower to the center of the bag using Fabric Tac or Glue Dots.
6. Next you'll need a cute tag to finish off the look. There are lots of pre-made paper or cardstock tags you can choose from. You can also make your own by using various papercrafting embellishments.