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Swirly Stretch Loom Band Bracelet


- Tie Dye Loom Bands
- Two nail jig or Loom


1. Follow the basic instructions for making a fishtail pattern, with the following changes.

2. For the first 15 bands, choose one color side of the band you have facing you. For the sample shown, the pink half of the band is facing you.

3. For the next 15 bands of the bracelet, place the bands on the nails so green is to the right and pink is to the left.

4. Have the bands face so the green half is facing you for the next 15 bands.

5. Repeat for the next 15 so the pink is to the right and the green is to the left (the opposite of Step 3). Repeat steps 2-5 as needed until the desired length is reached. For the sample shown, there were 6 sets of 15 made.

6. You will see how it looks as if the pink or green is swirling in a pattern...change up the number of bands to see what other type of design you can create! Add on a button or loom band clip to finish.