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Table Number Sandwich Boards


- Unfinished Wood Sandwich Frames
- Acrylic Paint (Your Choice Of Colors)
- Paint Brush
- Coordinating Scrapbook Paper
- Embellishments
- Craft Adhesive
- Die Cut Numbers or Vinyl Numbers
- Vinyl Sayings
- Photographs


1. First remove the glass from the sandwich frame, and paint the wood to your desired color and finish.
2. Cut your coordinating scrapbook paper to fit inside the frame. Our frame measures 5”x7”.
3. Hand write or die cut your saying and table numbers. Adhere to your scrapbook paper. You may also add a vinyl phrase at this time
4. Add embellishments to your 5”x7” paper and the outside of the frame using craft adhesive. Allow to dry.
5. Insert your 5”x7” decorated papers into the frames. For a different look, you may also insert a photograph.
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