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Valentine's Day Ornament Wreath

Valentine's Day Ornament Wreath


  •  1.5” ornaments in red, silver, and or pink
  •  Red flat floral wire
  •  Hot glue gun/ sticks
  •  White shimmer ribbon
  •  Accu-cut machine and letter dies (located in the classroom)
  •  White shimmer sticky back foam


  1. . Fold wire into thirds and twist together to create a strong wreath base.
  2.  Mold twisted wire into a heart form.
  3.  Hot glue ends of heart together.
  4.  Hot glue ornaments on the front until wire is completely covered.
  5.  Use the accu-cut to cut out the word “Love”.
  6.  Hot glue white ribbon across top of heart.
  7.  Hot glue “Love” on top of ribbon.
  8.  Make a bow out of remaining ribbon and hot glue to bottom of heart.
  9.  Enjoy!