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Witch Broom Treat Bag


  • 2 Brown Paper Bags
  • Accu-Cut Machine - Available to use for free in our craft classroom
  • 1/4" Dowel
  • Natural Raffia
  • Optional: Candy or Treat
  • Scissors: if doing this project at home


  1. In our craft classroom, use the 1" strip cutter from the Accu-cut Machine. Cut the first bag into strips, leaving a small amount of the bottom to keep the bag intact.
  2. Next, cut the second bag half way down using the same Accu-cut template. This bag will be used for your treats. Open up the bag and place your treat or candy inside.
  3. Cut your dowel, so that it is about 2" taller than the brown paper bags.
  4. Next, place the treat bag inside of the first bag. Fluff the strips to give the broom some more shape.
  5.  Place the cut dowel into the bags and tie the strips around it using raffia.
  6. Enjoy!