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Yoda Ears Costume Accessory


- (1) 9x12 green felt
- (1) 9x12 yellow felt
- scissors
- fabritac
- ½” headband
- Pattern mangelsens-yoda-ears-pattern


1. Cut a 1 ¾”  by 15”  strip of green felt.
2. Roll the strip and glue the seam together.
3. Using the pattern cut out 4 green felt ears.
4. Glue two of the green ears back to back (this way they are stiffer).
5. Using the pattern cut out 2 yellow felt ears.
6. Glue the yellow ear inside the green ears.
7. Slide the headband into your strip of green felt.
8. Fold the bottom of the ear and glue it to the bottom of the headband. Hold it for a minute.
9. Continue to wrap the ear into the position so they stay up and glue.