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Holiday Projects

Oh, the holidays - how we love them here at Mangelsen's! Whether you are looking to create a special gift, a home decor project or something to merely satisfy your creative spirit - Mangelsen's ideas will inspire you.
  • Christmas

    Imagine it, create it, gift it! Christmas is a perfect time to show off your amazing craft skills. So find project inspiration with Mangelsen's and then make it a handmade crafty Christmas for your family!
  • Easter

    Bring a little Easter decorating into your home with these projects that you can hand make.
  • Halloween

    Halloween holds so many creative possiblities for projects. Check out our Halloween ideas to make your holiday a little more spooky!
  • Independence Day

    Celebrate the country's independance with these festive craft projects
  • Thanksgiving

    There is still such a day as Thanksgiving - so let's give the holiday the recognition it deserves with decor projects you can create.
  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to show someone you care with a fun handmade gift. Check out our "love" themed craft projects to get inspiration.