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  • Kitty Ears Headband

    Kitty ears for her this Halloween. Purrrrfect!
  • Quick And Sassy Chain Scarf

    Here is a look at a cool product we carry .... make a Quick and Sassy fashion scarf using your hands!
  • Warrior Headdress

    Are you ready to battle? You’ll need this warrior headdress if the answer is yes.
  • Ladies Peacock Costume

    If you are looking for a unique Halloween creation, make your very own peacock costume. This layered tulle skirt and tail feathers make up a vibrant combination you will love!
  • Bubble Costume

    If you go all night in this costume without being popped, you are a champ! The bubble champ that is.
  • Mummy Costume

    Yikes! Try not to scare too many in your mummy attire.
  • Candy Bag Costume

    You are the sweet treat when wearing this candy bag costume!
  • Punk Rocker Costume

    Is your inner rock star ready to let loose and rock out?! Show off your talent this year in your very own rocker outfit.
  • Red Yarn Wig

    Turn into a rag doll this year with our easy step by step do-it-yourself instructions.
  • Sunshine Girl Costume

    This do-it-yourself costume is about as bright and cheery as they come! Sunshine girl will brighten up your day.

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