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Date(s) - 12/14/2021
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Come join us in The Creative Corner and learn how to make one of these ADORABLE gnomes!

With Steph from TheLucyBird
When: Tuesday, Dec. 14th from 6:00-8:00 pm (please arrive 15 minutes early!)
Cost: $45.00

The holidays are here!! These gnomes are the cutest thing around! Make one for yourself or as a gift for a friend! Create your own gnome for the holiday season!

Kit will include:

– 3.7in x 8.9in styrofoam cone
– 2 dowels (1/4 in)
– smooth foam sphere (nose)
– 2 pom poms
– Fun fur (by the yard: 4×6)
– 2 foam hair rollers
– 2 wooden feet 3 x 1 in
– half a sheet of felt
– 3 fat quarters (choose from all colors, designs, and also includes holiday fabric)
*Students will need to bring:
– 1 pair kids socks (optional)
– 1 pair infant through baby size 3 shoes
– 1 adult, small/medium sweater (to cut for the hat)
*Student will receive 15% off coupon for the day of the class *Pattern not included in kit **Welcome to bring whatever accessories you want!
The Lucy Bird Bio:
Steph began sewing at age 8 when she made a pair of shorts for the 4-H achievement days “fashion show”.Steph hated those shorts and would have preferred to play with her kittens and dog instead of sew.
But then in college she caught the quilting bug and made her first quilt.  A self-labeled “90% quilter” means she struggled with starting a quilt, getting it 90% finished, and then abandoning it in a pile in her basement.
Nowadays she finishes most, but not all quilts because she admits that shopping for the fabric is her favorite part and sometimes dreams die after that.
While she technically is a millennial, she recently found out that her age qualifies her as a “geriatric millennial”.
She feels weird about that term, but identifies with the geriatric side of things whole-heartedly as she enjoys nothing more than staying home on Friday night sewing with 2 dogs beside her and going to bed at 9:00 p.m. following a “who dunnit” Dateline.
Steph owns a company called The Lucy Bird where she inspires and teaches other creatives to quilt, sew and craft through YouTube, her website ( and social media.
She encourages everyone to “craft a connection” and thinks that in-person connections are the best!
PS: Steph is not Lucy, nor is she a bird.  The Lucy Bird name came to her when no other business name would.  Lucy is her dog who looked like a “bird” when she had fuzzy puppy hair.
Today, Lucy is the appointed Operations Manager and Steph’s other puppy, Dottie, is CFO.  They are rather worthless business partners because Lucy mostly naps and Dottie can’t run numbers, which means there are a lot of giveaways on The Lucy Bird blog.

Steph lives in Omaha with her super awesome terrific husband who makes her delicious meals and directs and records her YouTube videos and otherwise supports her in whatever way he can.

Find her at or on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Etsy.


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