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Girl Scout Workshops

Mangelsen’s is your craft headquarters for FUN!! Our family run business has been inspiring creativity for more than 58 years. We offer multiple badge workshops for Girl Scout troops of all ages. Our workshops are taught by professional, in-store instructors and include fun patches, popcorn and a drink for each girl.


Lupe’s Story $8

Objective: How to be honest and fair

Lesson: Read Aloud/Share

Activity: Act out play / Candy Game / Bracelet Making

All Requirements Met


Mari’s Story $8

Objective: How to be responsible for what I say and do (my actions)

Lesson: Read Aloud/Share

Activity: Guess Who? / Make Chore Door Hangers / Decorate Cupcakes

All Requirements Met

Gloria’s Story $8

Objective: How to respect myself and others

Lesson: Read Aloud/Share

Activity: What Should you say? / Mirror Craft / Thank You Cards

All Requirements Met

Clover’s Story $8

Objective: Using resources wisely

Lesson: Read Aloud/Share (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle)

Activity: Decorate Light Switches / Collages

All Requirements Met

Vi’s Story $8

Objective: To be a sister to every Girl Scout

Lesson: Read Aloud/Share

Activity: Hello and Good-Bye in Different Languages / Puzzle / Tree Craft / Friendship Circle

All Requirements Met

Artist: Painting $10

Objective: Creating new ideas about what to paint —and how to paint

Lesson: Discuss different painters/techniques

Activity: Paint a Mood / Paint without Brushes / Paint a Mural

All Requirements Met


Girl Scout Way $8

Objective: To practice the and share the Girl Scout Way

Lesson: Discuss/Model Good Sisterhood Qualities

Activity: Sing Songs / Games / Birthday Card Craft / Team Mural / Girl Scout Traditions

All Requirements Met


Investigation: Senses $8

Objective: To use my five senses to explore the world

Lesson: Discuss/Share Examples (5 senses)

Activity: “Senses” Charades / Kim’s Game / Listen to the World / Food Tasting / Braille

All Requirements Met


Inventor $10

Objective: To know how to think like an inventor

Lesson: Read Aloud “So You Want to be an Inventor?”

Activity: Think in Circles / “Strike a Pose” / Problem Solving / My Invention

All Requirements Met

Artist: Drawing $10

Objective: To learn some great drawing techniques

Lesson: Describe/Demonstrate tools

Activity: Still Life Drawing / Shading / Bug’s Eye View / “No Peeking” Drawing / Mini-Art Show

All Requirements Met

Craft: Jeweler $15

Objective: To make different kinds of jewelry

Lesson: Terms and terminology

Activity: Stretch-Cord Bracelet / Wire Wrapped Photo Pendant / Necklace

All Requirements Met

Adventure: Geocacher $10

Objective: To learn about Geocaching

Lesson: Discuss Geocaching and terms

Activity: Make SWAG Craft / Photo Cache Hunt / Notebook

1, 2, 3, Requirements Met… #4 is a Geocache search

Artist: Comic Artist $10

Objective: To create my own comic

Lesson: Discuss/Examples of cartoonists

Activity: Sticky Note Comics / Frame it in Four Panels / Share

All Requirements Met

Craft: Book Artist $8

Objective: Learn about books and bindings

Lesson: Show Parts of Book/Correct Terms Used

Activity: Art Department Tour / Make Books

All Requirements Met

Artist: Collage Artist $12

Objective: To create collages using different materials and color themes

Lesson: Read about Collage Time Periods/Styles

Activity: Cubomanai Collage / Collage Using Color / 3-D Collage / Self Portrait Collage

All Requirements Met

My Portfolio $12

Objective: To be able to show college admissions officers and employers what I’ve learned from cookie sales experience

Lesson: Show examples of resumés/importance

Activity: Create Cookie Resumé / Cookie Portfolio / Essay / Mock Interviews

All Requirements Met

Crafts: Textile Artist $15

This workshop lasts 1½-2 hours depending on class size.

Objective: To know the basics of textile art

Lesson: Learn about different textiles

Activity: Sew a Cell Phone Case / embroider a Sampler Piece

All Requirements Met


Schedule workshop dates and times by contacting Daniella at 402.391.6225 or 

Don’t see a workshop you’re looking for? Let us know. We’re happy to add curriculum as it’s available. Those workshops will be priced based on content and supplies needed on a per-class basis. Contact Daniella for details.


Standard workshops are $6-15 per girl. This includes instruction, supplies, fun patch, popcorn & drink. Prices are subject to change.



Minimum of 3 girls, no maximum troop size (with adequate adult supervision)


Mangelsen’s | 3457 South 84th St. | Omaha NE 68124 | 402.391.6225 | Open M-F 9a-9p, Sat 9a-8p & Sundays 10a-5p