“Gather” Decorative Autumn Sign

Difficulty: Beginner

Time: Approx. 1 hour

What You’ll Need

We sell all the materials you need for this project!


  • Square, 4 slat board
  • “Gather” Script Vinyl Appliqué
  • Autumn Silk Flowers (4)
  • Scissors or wire cutters
  • Hot Glue / E-6000 / Staple Gun



  1. Align “Gather” vinyl applique to the lower half of the board. The filagree should just sit above the base of the board about a centimeter or 2. Mark on the board if needed with a light pencil where applique will be placed, and apply it to the board.
  2. Take the silk flowers, and carefully cut the stem at the base of the bud with scissors or wire cutters.
  3. Hot Glue Method (see step 4 for E-6000, or step 5 for staple gun) – Dab hot glue to the back of each flower bud, and place on the front of the board at the top above the “Gather” applique as desired. tuck them closely towards the top of the board for a bunched look. Allow time to completely dry before moving the board or trying to fluff the flowers.
  4. E-6000 Method (see step 5 for staple gun) – For a stronger glue hold, E-6000 is a great option. In a well-ventilated area, dab the glue onto a piece of scrap paper in a nickel to quarter sized amount. Use a toothpick or popsicle stick to apply the glue to the back of each flower (or carefully dab the back of the flower into the glue) and place onto the board where desired.  Once all flowers have been placed, allow about 10 minutes to pass before moving the board to place in a safe area to finish drying. E-6000 takes anywhere from 24-72 hours to fully cure. Once dried, the flowers can be fluffed as needed.
  5. Staple Gun Method – If using a staple gun to secure the flowers, align a flower where desired on the board, and part the petals to reach as close to the center of the blossom as possible. Place the staple gun on the inside of the blossom (an inconspicuous place is best) and staple it to the board. Repeat with each blossom. The petals can be fluffed to best hide the staple.
  6. You’re done! Once the board has dried (if needed), your board is ready to be placed on a shelf, hung on the wall, or put wherever you would like to display it!

Tips: You can hang the board from nails or attach a rope as a hanger and hang from a wall or door.