Glass Bottle Wall Hanger

Difficulty: Advanced

Time: 1-2 hours

What You’ll Need

We sell all the materials you need for this project!


  • “Quality Glass” Vintage bottle
  • Twine Roll
  • Arrow Drawer Pull (washers included)
  • Bottle Cork Firefly Lights (12 count)
  • “Be Joyful in All Things” Pre-cut Vinyl
  • White Board Box
  • Faux Plant Sprigs
  • Power Drill
  • Hot Glue



  1. measure the pegs on the back of the arrow drawer pull and mark on the white box board where you would like to drill for the arrow to be placed. (Our example is placed approximately 1 inch from the top of the board and centered.)
  2. Using a power drill, drill holes into the board large enough for the arrow drawer pull to be placed.
  3. take the “Be Joyful in all Things” vinyl applique and apply it on the bottom of the board. the letters should be approximately 1 – 1.5 inches from the base of the board.
  4. Moving on to the bottle, Glue most of the Faux plant sprigs around the neck of the bottle as desired. If possible, reserve a 2-3 for a later step.
  5. Cut approximately 2 yards of twine. Wrap the twine around the neck of the bottle over the plant stems to cover them. Wrap tightly together. If there is enough excess twine after the first row of wrapping, you can wrap overtop to help hide the plant stems.
  6. Secure the ends of the twine to the bottle with small dabs of hot glue.
  7. If there are extra plant sprigs, place the stems into the bottle neck and secure with small dabs of hot glue. Make sure it doesn’t block too much of the bottle neck.
  8. Taking the Firefly light bottle cork, unwind the string and feed it into the bottle. Place the cork into the bottle top. (Don’t force it too far in, make sure you are still able to reach the light switch on the cork shaped battery pack.)
  9. Place the arrow drawer pull into the previously drilled holes. (Make sure the holes are large enough. A mallet can be used to gently force it in if the holes are a bit too small but be careful not to crack the wood.)
  10. Once it is in far enough for the silver screw posts to not be visible from the front of the box, take the washers and screw them on to the back to secure the drawer pull tightly in place.
  11. Take two more sections of twine, approximately 2-3 feet in length. Hold the two sections together side by side and Fold them in half.
  12. Pull the “U” shaped part of this new section of twine under the drawer handle on the board. Fold the U over the handle, and pull the end of the twine through the U to tighten it around the handle.
  13. There should now be four individual strands hanging below the handle. Take two strands in each hand and tie a knot where you would like the bottle to hang from. On our example, the knot is about 2 inches below the drawer handle.
  14. (It is best to do this step with the board laying flat on a table) Dab a small amount of hot glue to the knot and attach it to the back of the bottle neck just above where the twine is wrapped previously.
  15. Once the glue has dried, take the strands, two in each hand again, and pull them tightly around the bottle neck. Tie a knot and make a bow with the twine on the front in the center of the wrapped section on the bottle neck. Use hot glue to reinforce the knot and twine that was just tied around the bottle neck.
  16. Once all glue has dried, your project is complete! This hanging sign can be hung from strong nails or even placed on a door hanger. It also makes a great piece of decor for on a shelf.