Holiday Blocks Kit

Difficulty: Beginner

Time: Approx. 90 Minutes



  • Six (6) Wooden Blocks
  • Six (6) 6×12 sheets of holiday scrapbooking paper
  • Joy, Hope. Love, Peace Vinyl
  • 2 Felt Holiday Decals (Gingerbread Man & Reindeer)
  • Mini Tub of Mod Podge
  • Mini Tub of White Paint for sides



  1. Paint outer edges of each wood block (1 coat).  Let dry.
  2. Trace blocks on scrapbooking paper of choice.  Cut paper when finished.  Repeat for all six (6) blocks two sides each. 
  3. Paint mod podge on front surface of block.  Apply cut scrapbooking paper square. 
  4. Repeat step 3 for back side of block.  (Follow steps 3 and 4 for each of the six (6) squares.)
  5. Cut vinyl to separate words for application.
  6. Make sure scrapbooking paper is clean and dry.  Remove backing from vinyl and apply to your choice of wood block.  Make sure to press firmly and burnish with something flat and sturdy (like a plastic scraper or credit card) to adhere.  Slowly peel away the transfer sheet from the top of the vinyl, being careful of lift that can occur.
  7. Repeat step 6 on three (3) more blocks of your choice. (Choose different sized blocks for dimension) 
  8. Apply reindeer and gingerbread man to the remaining two (2) blocks.  Display.