“Love” Lighted Picture Hanger

Difficulty: Intermediate

Time: 1-2 hours

What You’ll Need

We sell all the materials you need for this project!


  • Large Distressed Board
  • “Love” Script Vinyle Appliqué
  • Chalkboard Close Pin Clips
  • Firefly 20 count String Lights (set of 3)
  • Power Drill
  • Hot Glue



  1. Using a power drill, drill 2 even holes on either side of the board, around 3 inches in from the top corners.
  2. Place “Love” vinyl Applique onto the board between the two drill holes.
  3. Now taking the string of firefly lights, string them through the drill holes so that there is enough hanging from the front of the board to attach the clips.
  4. Secure the lights to the back of the board using glue. Glue the battery pack of the lights to the board to secure it, and use a small drop of glue to secure anywere the string of lights might hang loosely on the back of the board. Use a small drop of glue to glue down the end of the string so that the lights do not fall out of the drill holes.
  5. Take the 4 chalkboard clips, and clip them onto the string lights on the front like a clothesline.
  6. Clip your desired pictures on with the chalkboard clips. Your project is done!

Tips: You can attach hooks or a rope as a hanger to hang the board from a wall or door.