Penguin Glass Block Kit

Difficulty: Beginner

Time: Approx. 60 Minutes

Materials Needed:


  • One (1) Glass Block
  • One (1) “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Vinyl
  • Red Ribbon for Sides
  • 1/2 yd Red Ribbon for Bow
  • Craft Chenille for twisting
  • Faux Snow





1. Make sure surface of the glass block is clean and dry. Remove backing from vinyl, and apply to side of your choice (opening belongs at the top of the block). Make sure you press firmly and burnish with something flat and sturdy (like a plastic scraper or credit card) to adhere. Slowly peel away the transfer sheet from the top of the vinyl, being careful of lift that can occur

2. Unroll the longer ribbon for sides, and place evenly around the outside of the block. Hot glue (not included) the center of the ribbon to the bottom of the block.

3. Pour snow into the block through the opening at the top.

4. Wrap remainder of ribbon evenly on both sides around the block. Glue to the top.

5. Create your bow with the remaining 1/2 yard of red ribbon. (Tail, one loop, twist at the center, make second loop). Wrap the chenille provided around the center of the bow and twist tightly in the back.

6. Attach bow securely to the top with hot glue or E6000 (not included).