Mangelsen's Cake Decorating

Mangelsen’s fabric department has been proudly longarm quilting since 2015.

Primarily working in computerized edge-to-edge designs, we offer 125+ designs to choose from and 60+ thread colors (including many variegated colors). With our TWO 12′ Gammill Statlers, we can handle a maximum width of 120″ (backing and batting still requires at least an extra 3″ on each side), and no limit for length. With a selection of wide backs and by-the-yard batting, we can help you bring your quilt to completion.
We setup and quilt in the order that they are received, with the exception of our rush fee ($50) that would bump you up to the top of the list and typically guarantee quilting done within a week. Call for an estimate on dates; typically our backlog can get hefty around the holiday season and the rush fee may surge during peak times.
Contact our fabric department with any further questions you may have, we’d be happy to help!



How big does my backing/batting need to be?

            • At least 3″ on each side (6″ total) from your quilt top. (i.e. if your quilt top is 50×70, your backing and batting needs to be at least 56×76, no exceptions)
How much do you charge for quilting?
            • Minimum charge is $45
            • For open and simple/regular designs we charge 2.3 cents per square inch (length x width x 0.023 = $$$)
            • For dense designs we charge 2.6 cents per square inch (length x width x 0.026 = $$$)